FMSO is an original vocal system to analyze
a vocal type based on vocal cords closure and volume.

FMSO is divided into four in a general manner.
These four types are divided into eight categories regarding high and low voice tones.

Features of 8 vocal types (Type F)

Type HF
This type breathes out with a significant force. This type has a high and husky voice with a significant breathing volume.
Type LF
This type uses the most breathing out of all kinds. This type is talented in expression technique with its heavy and sexy low tone.

Features of 8 vocal types (Type M)

Type HM
This type is known as the perfect type to be an idol. This type can easily reach the highest tone with its signature high and firm singing voice.
Type LM
This type has a low and firm voice with a significant volume. This type shows excellent potential in the low tone, and the range of tone varies from low to high.

Features of 8 vocal types (Type S)

Type HS
This type uses the smallest amount of breathing. A small and breathy high tone gives a pure mood.
Type LS
This type sings with a light force. With a breathy, low-tone voice, this type contains a poetic tone.

Features of 8 vocal types (Type O)

Type HO
This type has a straight high tone with tiny breathing. In many cases, this type owns a clear and refreshing tone.
Type LO
This type produces a deep low tone. This type sounds evident by using the vocal cords effectively with light breathing.