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Vocal analysis and report, application for an agency audition and even vocal lessons!

Special report from
the KPOP Vocal Coach

Upload a short song video!
The K-POP Vocal Coach Group from the major entertainment in Korea gives you a vocal report!

Premium Report based on Vocal Analysis System

Use the Premium report based on the Vocal Analysis System! You can receive professional analysis on critical areas, growth possibility, type of FMSO, and recommended KPOP entertainment company!

Our Vocal Analysis System is built by professional K-POP Vocal Coaches who have worked in this field for over 15 years.


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for an agency audition
through Premium report

Get Premium report and easily apply for a KPOP agency audition!

More and more users have passed agency auditions through our service!

KPOP Vocal Lessons from current IDOL Vocal Coach

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from current IDOL Vocal Coach!